Rules and Regulations of the Farmers’ Market

The Pike County Farmers Market

Grower/Seller Agreement


In consideration of the Pike County Farmers Market Association and the Petersburg Branch of the Pike County Library (on whose property the Farmers Market will be located) sponsor of the market, I agree to the following:

1. I will comply with all operating rules, regulations and policies set forth by the Farmers Market Association and/or the Petersburg Branch of the Pike County Library to my use of the market lot.

2. I will show and sell my produce and/or horticultural, craft and food products only on days specified by the Pike County Farmers Market Association. Hours of operation for the Pike County Farmers Market shall be: 9:00 a.m. until 12:00 p.m. EST beginning on Saturday, June 6, 2015, and each Saturday thereafter in Petersburg, and from 5:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m. EST beginning on Thursday, July 2, 2015, and each Wednesday thereafter in Petersburg, as specified by the market. Additional days of operation may be determined by the market membership. Vendors may start selling 30 minutes prior to start time.

3. If I show and sell produce on dates other than those referenced in section 2 above I must do so at a site different than that utilized by the Pike County Farmers Market Association and I may NOT use the Pike County Farmers Market name at said time/location.

4. Anyone selling by weight must have a certified scale and follow the guidelines issued by the State of Indiana and the Pike County Farmers Market. Said scale must be positioned where customers can see the weight of the item which they are purchasing.

5. I understand that I must sign in with the Market Manager upon my arrival to the market, then go to my assigned space.

6. Market Managers reserve the right to determine whether any item is appropriate for sale at the market. If an item is determined to be unfit or inappropriate for sale at the market, I will remove it promptly from my display.

7. It is my responsibility to supply management with any and all required forms/certificates which may be required by the State of Indiana or the Pike County Health Department in order to sell baked goods/confections. Canned or processed goods will be allowed but are required to be labeled with date, ingredients, and who made the product.

8. I will clean my space to the satisfaction of the Market Managers.

9. I understand and agree that only the following items are suitable for sale at the market:

A.  Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
B.  Flowers (fresh or dried)
C.  Homemade soap/candles
D.  Honey
E.  Fresh Eggs (license required)
F. Frozen Beef and Chicken
G. Bedding Plants
H. Herbs
I. Baked Goods (with the appropriate Health Department certification)
J. Handmade Crafts/Natural Craft Items
K. Jellies and Jams
L. Reflexology/Massage

*Any new items must be approved by the Market Manager and/or the Board of Health before sale. Handmade crafts must meet the approval of the Market Managers.

10. Quality control is the most important factor of the Pike County Farmers Market Association. I agree to bring only field picked produce of the utmost freshness to sell at the market.

11. Inappropriate language or conduct towards other vendors or customers will not be tolerated and may result in suspension or expulsion from the privilege to sell at the market. Market Managers will investigate ALL complaints.

12. As a member of the Pike County Farmers Market, I agree to pay the market fee of twenty dollars per year ($20.00). Additionally, both members and non-members agree to pay the following daily market fees on days they set up their stands: Members – three dollars ($3.00); non-members – five dollars ($5.00).

13. Sellers MUST have their produce/products displayed.

14. Each producer shall display a sign which states the vendors name and address.

15. Radical price cutting of top quality produce is prohibited.

16. The Pike County Farmers Market Association shall in no manner be held responsible for injuries or accidents to me, my property, or anyone working on my behalf.

17. Hold harmless and indemnification; vendor agrees to protect market organizers from any legal or financial liability in case of accidents or incidents at the market.

18. Any out of state produce must be identified and clearly marked as to where it comes from (Example: Georgia Peaches).

19. The market does not furnish any tables, chairs or tablecloths.

20. I understand that it is my responsibility to provide a copy of this agreement to anyone who is either selling for me or working with me. Additionally, I am responsible for making sure that they read and understand ALL rules and regulations contained within this document.

21. I understand that I will contact Tina Weisman with the products that I will have at the market in a timely manner (ex. Friday morning prior to market).  Send list of items to sell to

Please click on the Sellers Agreement page to find the document need for selling. Please read and sign the page and return to the Market Manager(s). Please keep the agreement with you as a reference.

Thank you.


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